Learn how to reduce design time by 20%

Designing for apparel using Adobe Illustrator

Keep Designers Creative

Removing manual work currently performed by your design teams keeps focus on creation. When they have to stop to upload and email images, update tech packs and specifications, manually create mini boards and collections etc., valuable creative time is lost. The best way to maximize a designer’s time?  Let them stay in Illustrator to perform required tasks. A good Ai plug-in is key.

Discover the best Ai plug-in on the market with DeSL

With DeSL’s innovative Adobe Illustrator plug-in, all this time could be removed. Put quite simply, it’s the best on the market today and can:
  • Automatically create and distribute images from AI layers and artboards
  • Create real styles and products in current systems
  • Import BOM’s from reference/template styles
  • Update BOM’s in real time
  • Produce real time sample requests with one or many vendors

ALL without leaving Illustrator!

Clients loving their Ai integration include Kathmandu, Eileen Fisher and Spencer’s.

Would you like to see how a top of the line Ai plug-in could save your design team time? Let us show you!

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