Is Color Workflow Driving You Wild? This New Tool Will Tame It

Color workflow can be a beast. Tame it with DeSL's new CLM

When color information travels from concept through design to production, it can spin out of control. Working at a scientific level to exchange color requirements is the key. But that’s tricky to manage efficiently when color teams are in a silo and mill partners struggle to communicate.

DeSL’s Color Lifecycle Management tool gets color in line

  • Top-in-class color tool links seamlessly with DeSL’s premier PLM but can often work with an existing PLM
  • Web access for everyone on the team – even the mill tech – any time, anywhere and anyone
  • Developed with input from designers, color teams and vendors, speaking the native language of each
  • Saves weeks by eliminating manual processes and samples (Goodbye manual color matching! Hello digital approvals!)
  • Bridges communication between color teams, mill partners and designers

CLM is exclusive to DeSL. Pair with our unrivaled fashion-specific PLM and seven other interconnected configurable modules to easily manage apparel from concept to customer.

Nike, Kohl’s and Old Navy are currently using DeSL’s color tools to take control of their enterprise color libraries reducing weeks of time, costs, and margin of error.

Ready to wrangle your color processes?

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