Give your designers the PLM they always wanted

Give your designers the PLM they have always wanted….
Wrapped inside Adobe® Illustrator® software

It’s simple…
Your designers want a PLM solution that adapts to the way they work, and PLM by DeSL will deliver it.

  • Dynamic Art Board mapping allows each designer to decide how to organize their own art files, what goes into PLM, and when that happens.

In PLM by DeSL the designer is able to choose their sketch at the line group, layer or artboard level and map the image into PLM. This lets each designer work inside the tool they love in a way that is intuitive to them.

  • System defaults can pre-populate data to save a designer time entering the small stuff.

DeSL provides user default tools at the design group or company level to help speed up work. These can be set up with user overrides that allow the work to move forward when things don’t line up to plan. We don’t let anything get in the way of capturing ideas.

  • Flexible file storage options that allow you to decide how you want to store your digital assets

The team at DeSL understands the future of fashion is democratic. This means design files can come from anywhere in your product development chain. PLM by DeSL stores the image mapping metadata with the design file itself, allowing you to make the decision on where best to store your .AI file for your business.

Welcome to DeSL. It’s simply the strongest, most complete and most flexible PLM software in the marketplace.

For more information about PLM by DeSL and the Adobe Illustrator Plug-in, click here.

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