Get an instant visual of your apparel line at any time

Identify the holes in your apparel assortments. Get an instant visual of your line list at any time.

Too many neutrals and not enough pants? High on the jersey knit and low on cotton blends? Hard to catch these gaps as lines in a spreadsheet. But when you can slice and dice visual groupings in every which way, in an instant, with numbers intact, the story of your line unfolds.

Discover true Visual Line Lists integrated with PLM

  • Create multi-page, printable line plans, linked to live PLM data
  • Drag and drop product across categories
  • Slice and dice by color, material, price point…whatever!
  • Identify gaps or underperforming product
  • Escape from error-filled, time wasting manual revisions
  • Measure key financial stats of assortments
  • View and track the line as it matures from design to product

Visual Line List is just one of 8 modules extending the power of DeSL’s fashion PLM, covering the entire product lifecycle from concept to customer.

Companies visually sorting with DeSL’s Module include The Children’s Place, Pentland and Eileen Fisher.

Chat with us to see if Visual Line List or any of the other modules could help your apparel, footwear or textile development.


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