Do you really need every feature in a Fashion PLM? Or just a few?

Cherry Pick PLM features

Hey, you need the ultimate deluxe PLM? Great, we’ve got the works and beyond. But just need a piece or two? Why buy and install the orchard? Just cherry pick the aspects that make sense now. Want to bite off more down the road? Add a few functions. Until maybe you grow into a full PLM. Or not. Point is, the choice is yours.

Buy the bushel or the peck…but only with DeSL PLM

  • Configure a right-sized, personalized PLM
  • Start where you are. Then grow.
  • Pay only for the functionality you need
  • Navigate future changes with guidance from DeSL fashion process experts
Clients who cherry picked a DeSL PLM solution include Bonobos, Manolo Blahnik and Lafayette 148. Also see how we built a hybrid called “PLIM” for footwear-famed Genesco.

Whether it’s PLMPIMSCMCLM or any of our seven unrivaled fashion-specific interconnected configurable modules, we have a perfectly fitting solution to meet your brand’s needs now and in the future.

Ready to cherry pick a PLM that fits your apparel or footwear company? Let’s chat!

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