Embrace Virtualization and Digitization Techniques to Deliver Agility, Efficiency, and Streamline the Supply Chain

Go Virtual, Digitally with DeSL
DeSL’s overarching software development strategy is to enable fashion companies to embrace virtualization and digitization techniques. We strive to replace the traditional physical world of product development. As a result, businesses can provide a seamlessintegration from digital concepts to physical manufacturing, delivery, and selling processes.

Our software solution provides a digital, interactive, web-based eco-system. This offers full orchestration of business processes creating a collaborative, unified and holistic approach to product management, from concept to customer.

DeSL focuses on enabling virtualization and leveraging the full range of digital and web-based technology available, while consistently supporting always-evolving consumer demands and omnichannel requirements.

Key aspects of our solutions are:

Digital color management
Voice of Customer – Social media integration
2D and 3D product management
CAD systems integration
Integration with the supply chain including digital printers and manufacturing processes

See DeSL’s Supply Chain Management Solution>>

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