Does your PLM provide complete AI integration?

Give your designers the PLM they have always wanted….
Wrapped inside Adobe® Illustrator® software

It’s simple…
Designers want to be able to get all of their work done in one place and PLM by DeSL can make it happen.

  • Full integration of fabric, trim and packaging libraries.

This means that a designer can search the entire database for items they would like to use on the product being designed. If the material record has a photo, it can be added to the artboard. Even better, if a vector art file is attached, that art can be dragged onto the artboard as well.

  •  Build the full BOM down to the colorway pitching.

Design teams can fully build the BOMs completely inside of Adobe® Illustrator®. This includes not only materials selection as described above but also adding and removing colorways and even color pitching.

  • Launch a new product or complete a placeholder.

Once the images have been mapped and the BOMs generated, designers are able to create new product records directly inside of Adobe® Illustrator®. If product placeholders already exist, the designer can update those records. The designer can even request a sample directly from these menus.

All from Adobe Illustrator.

Welcome to DeSL. It’s simply the strongest, most complete and most flexible PLM software in the marketplace.

For more information about PLM by DeSL and the Adobe Illustrator Plug-in, click here.

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