Committing to Innovation at PI Apparel Berlin 2017

Meet DeSL in Berlin for Product Innovation Apparel

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Product Innovation in the apparel industry is a subject we’re always eager to promote. If you’ll be at PI Apparel Berlin this month, we welcome a meeting with you. Let’s talk about developments in our technology solutions which solve challenges you’re facing now and in the future.

Discover Emerging Solutions at our DeSL Sponsored Session

Attend this thought-provoking session given by industry leader Keith Hoover. DeSL is pleased to provide an opportunity to discuss emerging technologies for our industry.

MetaVertical and the Digital Twin

Friday, 27 Oct. @ 12:35 – Room 2

Keith Hoover, President, Black Swan Textiles, LLC

Imagine a multi-billion dollar industry relying on centuries-old technology to drive product development and manufacturing. What if social, economic, and policy changes shook that paradigm down to its very foundation?

This session provides insights on how to solve these challenges by focusing on the emergence of the Digital Twin – the virtual modeling of a physical object that simulates its appearance and performance – as a catalyst to reconstitute an apparel industry historically written off as expendable. The MetaVertical approach uses a manufacturing-centric focus as a lens through which product development systems are built. Together, the Digital Twin with a MetaVertical direction will integrate design and manufacturing requirements so that virtual designs facilitate digital production seamlessly, providing a path to fill the factories of the future.

  • Solving the problem vs admiring the problem
  • Digitization vs digitalization
  • The death of the design season
  • Right first-time design
  • Local for local manufacturing

Keith Hoover’s past experience includes key roles at Ralph Lauren, Fruit of the Loom, Target Corp, Lands’ End, JCPenney, and Under Armour

See you in Berlin!

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