Can PLM help keep your design team focused?

Give your designers the PLM they have always wanted….
Wrapped inside Adobe® Illustrator® software

It’s simple…
Designers want to be directed inside of a space they work and PLM by DeSL can provide it.

  • Designer can receive, view and complete their tasks.

Designers are able to access tasks they are responsible for, completing from the Adobe® Illustrator® interface. This creates a one-stop shop for design and helps ensure that they understand what needs to be done which makes meeting deadlines a little bit easier.

  • Designers can launch new tasks for others to complete.

Tasks can be automatically generated and assigned to the designer’s team members. They can also add one-off tasks when needed. This makes using critical path functionality easy to work with. Its second nature.

  •  Design team members can generate threaded discussion groups and attach them to the product.

Sometimes simple task lists are not enough and designers need to chat with their team members. Emails get lost over time, so DeSL has made it easy to create threaded chats that are tied back to the product. This way in 3 months you can look back and refer to a decision point without combing through hundreds of emails.

All from one application.

Welcome to DeSL. It’s simply the strongest, most complete and most flexible PLM software in the marketplace.

For more information about PLM by DeSL and the Adobe Illustrator Plug-in, click here.

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