A color management tool equally adored by designers & color teams? Is that possible?

Pantone Color Swatch Book with spectrum of colors

Embraced by All

Color workflow tools adopted by the full range of users in the fashion world

Designers and colorists and mills…oh my! Rarely does software bring such a diverse team together. How did we nail it? We developed in collaboration with each user type, speaking the native language of each. DeSL’s Color Lifecycle Management wins the trifecta of approvals in your color process.

Rally the color team around DeSL CLM

Rightfully a particular bunch, designers have high standards. So why do they embrace DeSL’s color tools?
  • Eliminates hours of tedious manual color matching
  • Easy to learn…integrates Adobe functionality
  • Developed with a creative mindset, encouraging vision and inspiration
  • Trained by a DeSL team well versed in design challenges
  • Enables precise color matching to tolerance of <1 delta e
Color Team / Production
DeSL’s CLM connects colorists with everyone on the project.
  • One production calendar tracking progress
  • Existing libraries with history of close color matches and fails
  • Single source of truth, updated in real time
  • Spectral color data and digital approvals for solids & prints!
  • Seamless integration into PLM
Invite mills to the table for execution problem solving…how valuable.
  • Clear, concise, relevant communications for accuracy
  • Submit requests easily managed, tracked and prioritized
  • Helps the mills do their job well
  • Team approach vs. adversarial
  • Facilitates quick batch evaluation with instant results posted

Clients unifying their color workflow include American Eagle Outfitters, Old Navy and Macy’s.

Ready to delight all the people on your color team? Let’s talk!

Whether it’s PLMPIMSCMCLM or any of our seven unrivaled fashion-specific interconnected configurable modules, we have a perfectly fitting solution to meet your brand’s needs now and in the future.

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